Humor, Humility, Resilience, and the Other Key Skills You Need as a Leader

Recorded Webinar | Ilene Slatko | From: Feb 13, 2024 - To: Dec 31, 2024

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What is leadership? The dictionary describes a leader as a "person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country" and leadership as "the state or position of being a leader". 

Is the dictionary definition of leadership accurate? Real leadership is not just a position, but a learned set of skills that allow individuals to effectively influence others towards achieving a common goal. The challenge is finding the right skillsets for leadership.

Ilene Slatko has had a long and successful career that spans over 40 years. She has held various leadership positions, including leading a flagship financial advisory office, and a regional sales office, and serving on non-profit boards. Currently, she leads clients in her firm, and through her experiences, she has gained insights into the skills necessary for effective leadership. 

In this Webinar, Ilene will share her knowledge about the skills that top leaders possess and how to apply them in both small and large organizations. The session will be presented in vignettes, and Ilene will provide relatable experiences and humorous descriptions to help participants develop the skills and tools needed to become better leaders.

This webinar is led by Ilene Slatko, a speaker and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, leads a course that provides coaching, e-learning, and resources for pre-retirees and retirees, in addition to advising clients on administrative and financial tasks related to estate and divorce.

Learning Objectives:-

  • To explain top skills for leaders.
  • To explore how to apply and use those skills in the achievement of a goal.
  • To identify the attributes generally attributed to women that help make us natural leaders.
  • To compare and contrast new leadership models with older models.
  • To discuss why the new leadership models are better and more effective.

Areas Covered:-

  • Traditional leadership model
  • New leadership model
  • Articulating your why
  • Judgment-free communications
  • Playing the long game
  • collaboration and generative development
  • Making decisions
  • Tenacity and perseverance
  • Embracing mentorship
  • Understanding finances
  • Maintaining life balance

Whether you're leading a small group or a large organization, this course will provide you with the skills and tools you need to succeed.