Mentorship for Elevating Employee Satisfaction that Creates Valuable Client Experiences

Recorded Webinar | Christopher Salem | From: Feb 27, 2024 - To: Dec 31, 2024

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Mentorship is the influence, guidance, or direction given by someone not just from a title or experience. It primarily comes from your commitment to the process and your team to inspire them to be their best in their role and duties.

CPAs as mentors lead by example and understand the process to create healthier and more productive work environments through their actions. They inspire other team members to be responsible and accountable for their tasks so they can come together and form an interdependent business environment. Teams fully engaged lead to higher employee satisfaction and impact clients to have more valuable experiences.

Learning Objectives:-

  • To know how to use the principles of mentorship and have a positive impact on their team that leads to a higher level of employee performance and satisfaction.
  • To explain how to use effective communication and active listening as mentors to forge stronger team engagement while creating better experiences for your clients.
  • To analyze through mentorship how to better own their role and duties for better performance, satisfaction with their role, and more impact for valuable client experiences.

Areas Covered:-

  • What is mentorship?
  • Principles of mentoring
  • Foundation for mentorship
  • Core duties
  • Role/duties & Team Agreements
  • Factors to communicate effectively
  • Reinforcing contributions
  • What do clients desire?
  • How do we create a better client experience?

Join this Webinar and learn to apply the methodology of how mentorship to be an effective leader by example can create an interdependent culture that leads to higher satisfaction levels with your team’s role and duties. In turn, this reflects outward with a synergistic effort to create more valuable experiences for your clients.