Tales from the Construction Claims Crypt - Lessons Learned

Recorded Webinar | James G. Zack | From: Sep 25, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

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Construction industry surveys indicate that one of the most common causes of claims and disputes is inadequate contract administration. The presentation uses a number of “war stories” to illustrate some pitfalls owners and contractors all too often fall into. The presentation is based on multiple real-life projects and discusses the claims that arose – the how and the why. The presentation describes the outcome of each claim and offers “lessons learned” from each claim situation – some for owners, others for contractors, and some for both.

Learning Objectives:-

  • Claims arising from incomplete change order scope.
  • Claims caused by overly complex scheduling specifications.
  • Risks due to failure to perform operability reviews.
  • Claims caused by the lack of project constraints.
  • Impact damage claims due to late submittal reviews.
  • Claims arising from low bids.
  • Claims caused by “not to exceed” pricing on time and material changes.
  • And many more!

Why Should You Attend?

Construction claims and disputes occur on all projects. Often times these situations arise when owners or contractors fail to operate within the four corners of their contract. Directives may be given by owners that are unenforceable under the contract.  Contractors do not always understand their obligations under the contract.  In either case, while the original event or directive was given in good faith, a construction claim is filed as a result.  And unresolved claims may well turn into legal disputes.

This webinar uses projects the presenter was personally involved in to illustrate how the claims arose and draws lessons learned from this experience that may help owners and contractors avoid some claims.

Who Should Attend?

  • Contractors & subcontractors
  • Owners
  • Design professionals providing services during construction.
  • Construction managers
  • Attorneys